Our Mission



We have been in business for over two decades and  striving to provide our clients the best quality service possible to gain their full satisfaction. And they have shown their appreciation by coming back to us repeatedly. A leader in the commercial laundry industry, 

Industry-leading support:

From prompt handling of service request to high customer service is our number one priority.

Environmental responsibilities:

Besides offering the best high-efficiency and energy star rated equipment we offer effective strategies to help you to cut consumption of water, electricity, gas and detergent.

These are just a few things that set Rahmany Group Inc. apart, and we are highly qualified to deliver the best laundry program you need to generate more income.

Our Services



Serving  Industries like:

  • Laundries    
  •  Dry Cleaners 
  •  Construction Projects    
  •  Schools  
  •  Hotels                                    
  •  Nursing Homes 
  •  Government Facilities
  •  Correctional Facilities     
  •  Fitness Centers


If you are interested in building a new state-of-the-art Laundry, or simply wanting to remodel your existing store, You've just taken the best first step.

Rahmany Group builds and remodels the best laundries with over a decade experience, our staff makes it easy for you. We know what it takes to build successful stores. Rahmany Group offer an array of specialized services designed to give you the answers you need to make an intelligent decision.

About Our Team



Our installation team of experts can handle almost any installation project for on-premises and industrial laundry equipment. Our experience, expertise and know-how can save you a lot of aggravation, down-time and money.

Rahmany Group Inc. has a dedicated in-house installation team whose entire mission is dedicated to installing you commercial laundry equipment correctly the first time, and we are proud to say that our in-house installation team constantly exceeds our customer's expectations.



Innovative Solutions for your Laundry:

 Rahmany Group Inc. represents all the major laundry and dry cleaning equipment. We provide sales, parts and service for laundries ranging in size from small mom-and-pop laundry up to huge, fully automated commercial laundries. Our fully factory trained technicians are always ready to serve your needs to their best. 



We also do consulting to generate value for our clients by creating solutions to the most complex supply

chain issues. 

Our end-to-end capabilities enable us to advance from idea to execute swiftly and cost effectively.We always ready to understand and address the needs of our client.You will not doubt our reputation for helping the client to improve the performance and efficiency of their equipment.  

At Rahmany Group we pride ourselves on being able to deliver tangible value to our clients.



Our goal is to offer our clients the utmost quality to attain a high level of satisfaction, that is why we offer:  

  • Licensed and insured technicians. 
  • Industry Experience. 
  • Flexible appointment scheduling.quick and reliable service. 
  • A wide selection of parts and equipment.